Colleen O’Connor ‘19
Buffalo, NY

Colleen O’Connor is a junior pursuing a major in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies modified with Economics and a minor in Human-Centered Design. She is passionate about exploring the role the intersection between innovation and economics can play in global empowerment and was drawn to the Paganucci Fellows program largely due to its social entrepreneurial and international focus.

As a Stamps Scholar, Colleen is currently working on a two-year project to identify ways in which female empowerment can be promoted through entrepreneurship in South America and East Asia. She spent the spring of 2017 in Mexico City where she was awarded the DEN Wily Initiative Grant to pursue a fellowship with a technology and travel start-up. At Dartmouth, she has pursued further global experiences through study abroad programs in both Beijing, China and Cusco, Peru. Colleen also serves as the Undergraduate Advisor for the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, an executive in Women in Business, an Assistant Teacher for the Spanish Department, and is a Presidential Scholar. She is a leader and mentor for Outdoor Leadership Experience and enjoys spending her free time exploring the outdoors.  

Looking ahead, Colleen intends to pursue a career in international business and continue her project to promote female entrepreneurship and empowerment abroad.