Leadership Roundtable

The center facilitates leadership roundtables for global chief learning officers from organizations and industries on the forefront of leadership development. While the global economy offers significant opportunities for companies, it also presents corporate leaders with numerous challenges, such as how best to grow in emerging markets, accounting for cultural differences, dealing with bureaucratic governments and agencies, the need for nontraditional partnerships, and a distributed workforce. At the same time, leaders must grapple with resource constraints, more efficiently manage supply chains and distribution channels, and contend with an intensifying war for talent that includes a mandate to identify and develop the competencies of leaders.

Recognizing that these challenges demand a new kind of leader, the Center for Leadership embarked on a journey to find solutions that included the evaluation of credible alternatives to traditional hierarchies and the associated leadership competencies. During this process, which included discussions with corporate partners, it became apparent that a leadership roundtable would be greatly beneficial. The roundtable is designed to serve as a forum that members can use to learn from one another and from guest academics. It also provides an opportunity for participants to extend their network to the benefit of their respective organizations.


The mission of the leadership roundtable is to create value for its members by exploring the challenges of leadership in the 21st century. We pursue our mission through high-level engagement at in-person meetings hosted by members. Attended by chief learning officers and other top-level officers from noncompeting, global organizations on the forefront of leadership development, these meetings facilitate the sharing of best practices and, where best practices do not yet exist, the exploration of innovative approaches and solutions.

Get the Inside View

To better understand complex issues and gauge the level of adoption and effectiveness of alternative leadership models, roundtable members commit to forthright discussions and knowledge sharing. In other words, members enjoy an inside view of what other companies are doing. This insight, as well as key learnings, is documented and shared with members through proprietary white papers.

The agenda also permits members to focus on pressing strategic issues and topics not necessarily being addressed by other means, so members benefit from real-time feedback and external perspectives. Presentations by world-class academics, consultants, and practitioners enhance the dialogue and exchange of breakthrough ideas on leadership design and development.

Key Challenges and Insights

At the inaugural roundtable, a number of pressing issues were raised as members explored a variety of leadership opportunities and related challenges they face at work. The challenge of collaborative leadership stood clear above the others: In an increasingly complex global economy, companies must adapt their leadership and organizational models. Forms of collaborating appear to offer significant opportunities to overcome challenges, as well as to spur innovation and efficiencies. Correspondingly, the first three roundtables focused on different aspects of collaborative leadership.