Do you suffer from the “Nice Boss Syndrome”?

Everyone wants a nice boss. And if a nice boss is one who respects me and my work, challenges me to get better and wants to see me grow as both a professional and a leader, then I’m for it too. But too many people look at a hard-charging boss and jump to the conclusion that he or she is a tyrant. Here’s what these people don’t get: just because you have a nice boss, doesn’t mean you have a good boss.

Why we loathe leadership training

It’s more important for success than strategy, technology and even products. The only way for an organisation to survive and thrive long-term: the ability to generate and regenerate talent on a continual basis. But how? Having spent ten years studying this question, and even more time designing and delivering talent development programmes and activities for dozens of companies around the world, I’ve seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t. These are four hard-and-fast rules for what works.

How Superbosses Can Boost Your Career

Every business has its legendary leaders. Fashion has Ralph Lauren. Food has Alice Waters. Comedy has Lorne Michaels. Football has Bill Walsh. But these folks don't work alone. A critical talent of visionaries like these is the ability to build the team to make their ideas a reality. That's where you come in. The dedicated team member. The ambitious middle manager making her way up the ranks. The wide-eyed entry-level scrub. Without those who execute, a vision is nothing more than a figment of the imagination.

This is why start-up culture fades out fast

What is corporate culture? And why should you care? The thought crossed my mind the other day when I saw a presentation from a small consulting firm designed to energise and threaten the assembled managers into buying the services being offered. And the threat part was clear: if you can’t figure out how to make your culture “work”, you’re in big trouble. The implication: that’s why you need us.

Why You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing

If a little of something is good for you, surely lots of it must be even better! Leaving aside the unfortunate truth that this rule actually doesn’t apply to my favorite things (I’ve tried!) – dark chocolate, red wine, espresso – what about in business? Turns out to be an even worse idea than you might think.

Why We Trust Made-Up Facts

Building a business is hard enough without making stuff up. So why do leaders sometimes believe in all sorts of things that are not true even when it could hurt them?

What Amazing Bosses Do Differently

We all know that job satisfaction often hinges on the quality of the relationships we have with our bosses. Yet in today’s rapidly evolving, 24/7 workplaces, it’s not always clear what managers should do to create the most satisfying work experiences and the happiest employees. My research into the world’s most successful bosses has unearthed some common practices that make work much more meaningful and enjoyable. If you supervise others, make sure you do the following:

The Growing Cult of ‘Try Before You Buy’

Have you ever purchased shoes or clothing from an online store? Remember the first time you considered it? You were probably hesitant about taking a risk on something so personal.

The Dreaded Performance Review

The company that brought us “rank and yank”, that diabolic efficiency-driven human-resources practice of culling the bottom 10% of your performers to make room for new talent, has a better idea for us.