Leadership is an integral part of Tuck’s unique curriculum, which has always focused on individual development, interpersonal relationships, and productive collaboration.

Tuck accelerates a leadership development process that most executives eventually experience during their career. Typically, it takes years—or a series of difficult experiences—for one to become an effective leader. Our students are guided through a focused leadership curriculum in less than two years. Tuck's goal is to ensure that every graduate is ready to accept the responsibility of leadership with poise and confidence.

The leadership development journey at Tuck begins with the Personal Leadership course, during which first-year students compare how they see themselves with how others see them. This is a powerful educational experience and improved self-awareness serves as the basis for a required leadership development plan. As part of a carefully integrated core curriculum, first-year students also take courses focused on specific topics, including Leading Individuals & Teams, Leading Organizations, and Management Communication. In addition, Tuck offers myriad elective courses on leadership, including Strategic Leadership, Comparative Models of Leadership, and Leadership Out of the Box. Finally, beyond the formal classroom, students take part in a series of workshops designed to improve critical leadership behaviors, such as assertiveness, effective listening, and leading with presence.

We also believe that one of the best ways to learn is by doing. So Tuck offers a set of experiential learning programs unmatched in their opportunities for teamwork, problem-solving, and opportunities for leadership development. From day one, study groups build leadership skills and an appreciation for a diversity of perspectives. First-Year Projects ask students to apply classroom learning to complex, real-world business challenges for clients. Global Insight Expeditions take students to foreign countries to see how business is done abroad. OnSite Global Consulting projects put teams inside businesses and organizations as consultants solving pressing problems. In these programs and others, Tuck students gain the experience and expertise that accelerates their leadership trajectory.